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S& M studio – the hard way

Follow your destiny and enter our S & M studio, the room where darkness, hardness and strictness are the rule. Our dominatrix in leather and lace already awaits you to act on the fanciful S & M arts. You decide what shall happen and agree on safe words to ensure optimum communication during the hard power game. In our S & M studio, different techniques and toys are at your disposal.

Bizarre plays for professionals and beginners

Whether you are into classic S & M or a fetishist of any kind – here, certainly everyone will get their money’s worth. You don’t need to be an expert in the field of sadomasochism. Our dominatrix also loves to educate amateurs – with discipline and strictness. Like this, everyone may experience stimulation by pain and humiliation and enter a new world of excitement. Especially with sadomasochism, trust is an important basis.

S & M with passion

Our dominatrix will push your envelope with long years of experience and true passion. Whether breath control play or orgasm control play – one thing is certain: you will be punished as her sub. You will get to know your emotional and physical limits – anew anytime and each time a little bit more.
Electrical stimulation or bondage – as a slave you are submissive and servile. Come in. Here, you get what you deserve.